Get Highly Efficient Cold Rooms in Singapore

If you are in a business that deals with perishable goods, you need to make proper storage arrangements or it could end up costing you more money in the long run. Perishable goods can be easily spoiled, especially in Singapore’s climate. This can lead to unusable waste which further results in losses. Perishable goods require a temperature-controlled space such as cold rooms that provide an ideal environment for them.

Being an efficient cold room contractor, we can install highly efficient cold rooms on your property. These rooms can keep your goods safe, fresh and in good condition. With us, you get the experience and reliability you would expect from a cold room contractor, giving you the best results for your business.

Our Services

Cold Room for Different Needs

Different industries have different requirements when it comes to cold room storage. Through our experience being a cold room contractor, we take that into consideration when designing a facility and ensure only quality results are being delivered. We have worked on different projects in different industries and specialize in food storage.







At Kiat Lay Coldroom Specialist Pte Ltd, we have a proven track record where we are committed to providing quality and excellence to all our clients.
Being a reputable cold room contractor in Singapore, we provide highly efficient and high-performance cold rooms that will keep your inventory in good condition.
You won’t experience downtime and will have better energy savings compared to your old cold storage solutions.

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution. Through our years of experience, Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialist provides a complete turnkey solution for clients from engineering, procurement, minor construction and renovation. We are confident in being able to implement the entire scope of work through all phases of the project. If you are concerned with the hassle of finding different service providers but still want quality results through a single point of contact, then we are the right cold room contractor for you.

Capabilities Of Building Sizable Cold Rooms

Our decades of experience have made us confident in our ability to build sizable cold rooms, and that is why we know there is no one-size-fits all approach in building one. Some businesses need large storage rooms, some need scalable solutions and some need small rooms. With our knowledge, we can create a cold room that perfectly suits your requirements, regardless of size.

Customized Solution

Your cold storage requirements will change based on the amount of inventory you need to store and the traffic in and out of the room. If this isn’t considered during the planning process, the room won’t live up to your expectations.
Therefore, with years of knowledge gained being a cold room contractor, we make sure that the room’s dimensions and cooling systems can fit your inventory and traffic requirements well. For example, a cold room with high traffic will need a powerful cooling system to maintain internal temperatures.

Highly Experienced

Three decades of experience in the cold chain industry allowed us to face numerous obstacles and in the same way overcome it. Cold storage rooms require careful planning and an efficient design to function properly. And with our proven capabilities, we can provide you with cold rooms that are constructed efficiently, regardless of size.

Prompt Delivery

Being an experienced and reputable cold room contractor, we understand that time is of essence for business owners where rental cost may still occur and there would be a loss of business profits if the entire project was not being delivered on time. We do understand these concerns and through our years of experience, we are confident in being able to deliver quality results within the time schedule.

Energy Saving Solutions

Cold rooms can consume a lot of energy and ramp up your monthly expenses by a considerable margin. With our commitment to providing energy efficient solutions to our clients, we are able to deliver cold rooms that are equipped with the latest and most effective energy-saving technologies.
We don’t just use energy-efficient systems, but also ensure the cold rooms are constructed well. If the walls are secure and don’t leak air, the system won’t have to work hard to maintain the indoor temperature. Solid cold room construction helps with energy savings.

Consistent Cooling Temperatures

Poorly constructed cold rooms don’t provide consistent cooling temperatures. Some corners tend to be warmer than others and some won’t receive any cooling at all. This means that the client can’t use the entire cold room to its full capacity, which could waste your money and resources. As an experienced and reputable cold room contractor, we make sure that your cold room will have consistent cooling inside so you can utilise the entire room effectively.

Efficient Maintenance

Every cold room requires maintenance to properly function over time. Some rooms require more maintenance than the others because of their poor construction and the lack of efficient technology. At Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialist, we always aim to reduce the client’s burden and create low-maintenance cold rooms. These rooms will function well with the minimum maintenance require. Additionally, we focus on providing efficient maintenance to our clients as having excellent after sales service is our priority.


With our experience with these industries, we are more than equipped with the capability to create the perfect cold room for your
unique storage needs.