Cold Room For Automated Storage Retrieval Systems & Warehouse (ASRS)

ASRS systems, warehouse and cold rooms in Singapore

Commercial real estate is a luxury in a country with a limited amount of land. Businesses need to optimise the space available to ensure they get the most out of it, and one of the best ways to do that is to install the Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialist have worked around Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) in Singapore and have become the trusted expert in creating the best ASRS for businesses. Due to its complexity and scale, building a cold room around the ASRS requires a specialised skill set and technical knowledge. Despite the challenges, we are confident in delivering exceptional results owing to our proven track record over the years.

What is an ASRS?

As the name suggests, this is an automated storage and retrieval system that is controlled by computers. It has a defined structure and carefully assigns storage locations to different products. A computer program guides the robotic arms, lifts, or cranes to carry the load to different points in the structure. ASRS has been around since the 1960s and has matured ever since.
ASRS is used in many different industries, including food storage and production. It can handle a lot of load and traffic, which makes it ideal for large industrial warehouses and factories. This system is quite customisable and can be adapted to suit the particular requirements of a company. There are different types of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) that are available in Singapore and they include:

  • Vertical lift module
  • Horizontal carousels
  • Unit load ASRS
  • Mini Load ASRS
  • Vertical carousels
  • Mid load ASRS

All of these systems can be used individually or combined to create a specific system. ASRS is very versatile and can be used in different environments. However, it is important for the surrounding warehouse structure to be designed accordingly.

Benefits of implementing ASRS in Singapore

  • Reduced Expenses. Expenses on building the system can be recovered from long-term cost savings. You won’t need as many unnecessary parts and tools to keep things organised and will also save money on workplace accidents and hazards because the machines are carefully calibrated to handle inventory safely.
  • Automation. You won’t need as many employees to run the warehouse because most of the process is already automated. This also reduces the overall expenses and problems caused by human error. And even with an ASRS, your employees still can handle jobs that require actual human intervention.
  • Link Between Storage and Order Processing. Linking your storage logistics to order processing is made easier, which decreases the time taken to retrieve inventory from their designated storage spaces.
  • Tracked Inventory. ASRS enables the easy tracking of the entire inventory stored in the warehouse as everything is recorded and stored in a predetermined location. Apart from that, you can also track the demand and supply of products easily through data and graphs provided in the system.

Cold Room Around Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

Industrial and factory-sized cold rooms have temperatures ranging from 0°C to -35°C, which makes Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) in Singapore the best choice for such storage facilities and warehouse. These environments can be too cold for employees, placing their health at risk and compromising overall productivity.
Machines like ASRS can work well in cold environments, especially if the architecture of the cold room is properly planned to maintain a reasonable temperature.

ASRS and cold rooms are a match made in heaven because the system allows for a smaller roof footprint. Large cold rooms require a considerable amount of energy to function, especially in Singapore’s climate and it takes more energy to cool a large space than to heat it up. Most of the heat is gained through the roof, which is constantly exposed to the sun during the day. By reducing the roof’s footprint, energy consumption from the refrigeration compressors are being reduced and this can effectively reduce the cost for the owner.

Due to Singapore’s space limitations, ASRS allows warehouses to fully utilise space by building the structure vertically. This enabled the building of tall cold rooms instead of wide cold rooms to get the required amount of space. Tall rooms are more energy-efficient and don’t require as much effort to keep cool.

Additionally, ASRS reduces the amount of air exchange caused by traffic in and out of the refrigerated space. In some cases, it is possible to carry out the same amount of cooling with 1/3 of the refrigeration that is required in a non-ASRS system.

When these two structures are built to complement each other, you’ll have a highly optimised ASRS cold storage warehouse that can handle a large inventory volume with precision. ASRS cold rooms and warehouse are also good at maintaining consistent temperature around the inventory items, which ensures that there are very few chances of products getting spoiled. This system is ideally suited for items that are more sensitive to temperature changes.  Contact us now!

Installing a Cold Room Around Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) in Singapore

Planning a cold room around an ASRS structure or warehouse requires precision and planning. It is important to ensure the temperature in all corners of the room is even and consistent. Since machines and computers generate their own heat, cold room refrigeration systems would need to compensate for them as well. With us, we will keep your temperature requirements in view, look at the size of the ASRS structure, and consider factors like traffic and inventory sizes before planning a cold room. This ensures that the structure will maintain optimal conditions inside the cold room. We only use the best quality materials and equipment to make sure the cold room is durable and will ensure the safety of the entire inventory. Our company has worked on several cold room projects, especially in the food warehousing industry and we are also able to develop rooms for the logistics industry where temperature-controlled spaces are required.Contact us now!