Custom Cold Room

Are you looking to build a custom cold room for your business and not sure where to start? Do you have an idea, or even a few ideas, of exactly how you want your cold room to look and what functionality and accessibility it should possess? Are you in desperate need of larger storage space for your food products and perishables? Say no more. At Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialist Pte Ltd, we do everything cold room. We are a team of highly trained and qualified experts that are professionals in the field of refrigeration, specifically cold rooms.

If you are looking for a company to work with you in the construction of your custom cold room, then look no further. Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialist Pte Ltd are exactly what you are looking for. We provide not only quality work, but a quality experience that you are sure to enjoy and tell all of your friends and colleagues about. So, let’s get started! First things first, you’ll need to know exactly what quality value we will bring to the table. What services do we offer?

Essentially, Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialist Pte Ltd provides a one-stop solution to our clients. We will oversee the entire process of your cold room installation from start to finish and are with you every step of the way. We will keep you abreast of the situation and what to expect through each step. Let’s take a look at the step by step process we will go through in the construction of your cold room, as well as the services we offer with the installation of our custom cold room.

Steps to Constructing a Custom Cold Room

    1. Consultation: Before we get started with any building, we need to know what exactly it is that you want and need. Before we begin with our plans, we know you have plans of your own and we want to hear you out. We want to know the reason for your cold room, how large you would like it to be, what type of shelving units you want, the location you’d like to place it in, etc. This is all talked over first thing in the consultation stage, even before an agreement is made and a contract drawn up. This is the very beginning stage and we will take in all of your opinions, wants, and needs, as we offer our suggestions as well. 
    2. Planning: In this step, we have already gotten a general idea of what you want in your custom cold room. But this is when we take it a step further. We draw up plans and decide what goes where, the dimensions of everything, and begin planning the materials that will be used. This is a big step, as all of the decisions are to be made here. We must decide upon each of the materials to be used such as the insulation, paneling, door, shelving, etc. Though this can be a long step, it is important and once everything has been decided and planned, we can begin building your custom cold room.
    3. Installation: Once the project has been planned out to a T, it is time to install. Our experts will build your custom cold room quickly and efficiently. We never cut corners and we will create your cold room exactly how we planned with you.
    4. Testing and Delivery: We will always test our cold rooms to ensure that they are in perfect working order before finishing the job. We guarantee your satisfaction, which means that we must test the rooms before you use them. We want to know that everything is in perfect order before leaving you to enjoy your custom cold room.


Services We Provide

Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialist Pte Ltd is so much more than simply building a cold room. There is a lot put into one of our custom cold rooms. Let’s take a look at the valued services we have to offer:

      1. Renovation Services: That’s right. We can build an entire cold room from the ground up if that’s what you desire. However, we can also take an existing cold room and renovate it, turning it into your dream custom cold room. Older cold rooms sometimes don’t function quite as they should, so we work with what was already there and give it a fresh spin. We can replace old insulation, repair any damage, or even remodel the inside, making it more workable for you and your situation.
      2. Fire Sprinkler Services: Due to the ever-changing regulations from the authorities, there are requirements to fulfil when building a unit with cold rooms. This isn’t something that many people consider, but adding a fire sprinkler in your custom cold room is a must. Just as the rest of the building should be fully equipped with fire sprinklers in case of emergency, so should your cold room. We are always up to date with the latest requirements and are able to install fire sprinklers for your peace of mind.
      3. Floor Works: We will install the perfect floor for your custom cold room or factory unit. We work with epoxy and PU flooring, ensuring a non-slip surface that is durable and easy on the eyes
      4. Electrical Works: We are a one-stop shop, meaning that we handle every aspect of your custom cold room including electricity. We are able to wire your cold room with electricity so that you don’t have to worry about the added cost of bringing in electricians and them charging hefty fees just to wire the cold room. We can do all that for you!
      5. Racking Installation Works: If the daily operation requires a large amount of inventory coming in and out of your facility, you will require a storage solution to optimize your storage space and produce much more profits with efficient planning. Here at Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialist Pte Ltd, we are able to provide these solutions to reduce the trouble for our clients in finding another contractor on reduced cost and troubled coordination works. This is the ideal scenario for optimizing based on the current factory layout where we are able to provide manual or even sophisticated automated racking solutions.

At Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialists, we do more than just build cold rooms. We build custom cold rooms, adapted to fit your style. We work directly with you in order to ensure your satisfaction and to bring you the highest quality and most functional cold room. We don’t ever cut corners and our friendly and reliable team will be with you every step of the way to answer questions and update you on progress.

If you are in need of a custom cold room built, don’t risk it. Contact us today and see for yourself. We know cold rooms! Contact us now!