Checklist for Cold Room Construction

Building a cold room that is cost effective, durable and customized according to one’s needs is no simple task. It is important for a client to understand what is being required as building a cold room can be costly if it is unsuitable. To help our clients better by being able to identify theirs needs, we have compiled a checklist related to cold room construction and aspects relating to cold rooms.

  • Size of cold room
  • Quantity of doors
  • Type of cold room
  • Fire resistance
  • Type of products being stored in the cold room
  • Location of cold room
  • Range of temperature required in the cold rooms
  • Type of floor set up required
  • Type of doors (Automatic or manual)
  • Time for the usage of the cold room
  • Type of doors (Swing or sliding)
  • Application approvals by government agencies
Checklist for Cold Room Construction

After reviewing the checklist, more clarity will be provided in the decision-making process of constructing a cold room. Additionally, we do believe there would be more queries from you that are not addressed in this checklist and we are pleased to provide a free consultation to assist you in building the perfect cold room.

Through years of knowledge and experience, we are confident in our abilities to recommend the best cold room solutions that is customized according to your requirements. if you require further assistance, you can contact us here and we would be glad to help.