Benefits of Using a Cold Room Curtain

To understand the benefits of using a cold room curtain, one must first understand how airflow and temperature impact the efficiency of a cold room. Airflow impacts the transfer of heat and moisture from one area to the other. Scientifically speaking, warm air rises as cool air sinks. Therefore, openings of cold room storage systems are significantly vulnerable as these can cause a spill over of cool air. Similarly, the reduced moisture within the confines of the cold room causes the humidity from outside to enter the cold room to balance it out. In doing so, the cold room temperature is in a constant state of flux. This can result in compromising its purpose and eventually leading to spoilage of material held within the cold room. Moreover, every time the thermostat within the cold room identifies an increase in temperature or in other words, a loss of cool air, the refrigeration system has to work double-time to achieve optimal temperature levels.

However, by installing cold room curtains in walk-in coolers and freezers, one can help reduce the loss of cool air every time the cold room storage room is entered. Although these curtains are made from high-quality vinyl material that combined with their full length helps mitigate this transfer, they alone are not 100% effective. Therefore, experts recommend using them in combination with insulated panel doors to achieve optimum results.

Despite this, there are still some clear benefits of installing a cold room curtain.

  1. Preventing Cold Air Loss

    The most obvious benefit of installing cold room curtains is that they help prevent approximately 80 to 90% of cool air from escaping the cold room. Compared to conventional doors alone, these curtains are considered more effective in controlling the internal temperature of the cold room. By preventing a high percentage of cool air from escaping the cold room, there will be overall reduced business operating costs as well.

  2. Ensuring Ideal Hygiene Levels

    A constant fluctuation in temperature can lead to unfavorable hygiene conditions. Molding and bacteria growth are some common examples that may compromise the hygiene levels of the cold room. Additionally, by restricting access to the cold room, there are fewer chances of air pollutants entering it. For instance, cold room curtains protect against dust, smoke, and fumes which can also reduce employee comfort levels as well. Moreover, curtains also prevent birds and insects from entering the cold room and damaging the system or products it is holding. Trapped birds and insects can lead to feces and dead carcasses that thus creating unfavorable hygiene conditions.

  3. Reduced Energy Consumption

    Cold room curtains help prevent cool air loss thus reducing energy consumption. If the thermostat within the cold room is able to maintain a certain preassigned temperature, the refrigeration system will not be forced to work overtime to achieve it. Cold room curtains help ensure that the internal temperature does not have extreme fluctuations that can lead to the overtime functioning of the refrigeration system. Additionally, experts also recommend using high-quality curtains made from flexible PVC material with a desired thickness between 3mm and 5mm. A plastic thickness below 1mm will cause the curtains to curve and warp thus compromising their efficacy as they will not be able to hand straight and ensure a proper air seal.

  4. Increased Longevity of Refrigeration System

    Cold room curtains also help ensure the longevity of the refrigeration system. If the thermostat within the cold room is able to hold a constant desired temperature, there will be reduced frostbite pileup on the refrigeration system’s coils. The fluctuation in temperature can cause moisture build-up which may lead to frostbite eventually. Moreover, if the refrigeration system is working effortless, there will be less wear and tear of the internal functions of the refrigeration system such as the motors, switches, and compressors. Replacing the different parts of the refrigeration system can be costly therefore, a one-time small cost of investing in cold room curtains can go a long way in ensuring the efficacy and longevity of the cold room.

  5. Reduced Spoilage of Material

    While installing cold rooms can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour, the maintenance of material and products that it holds will ensure its real efficacy. If the temperature of the cold room fluctuates too much, the longevity of the product within the cold room can be compromised. Most often cold rooms are installed to hold produce or sensitive material that may require a certain temperature to flourish or stay viable. Thus, installing cold room curtains can help reduce overall product spoilage by preventing a high percentage of cool air from escaping the cold room.

  6. Can Work As a Room Divider

    Cold room curtains can also be used to divide rooms to reduce noise and cool air transfer. If you are planning on building a temperature-controlled room adjacent to your cold room, then these curtains can help you achieve their purpose. Moreover, some products within the cold room may require a more constant temperature therefore installing curtains can help users divide the room with curtains to mark low traffic and high traffic regions. When used as a room divider, cold room curtains can help ensure the same benefits of ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, and a high functioning refrigeration system.

  7. Benefits For Employees

    Cold room curtains also help employees by streamlining their work processes. For instance, compared to heavy doors that require effort and time to open and close, cold room curtains are much simpler and require less effort. Additionally, these are often made transparent thus allowing a visual pathway to ensure the safety and security of employees. Moreover, doors are unreliable and may break down at inconvenient times. If so, the chilling temperatures of cold rooms can become hazardous to employees.


If used and installed in a timely manner, a cold room curtain can easily significantly enhance the overall efficacy of a cold room. Moreover, if you are worried about these curtains affecting the overall visual appeal of your area, then you can also get them custom-made in your desired color and company’s logo as well.