Optimise Efficiency: Integrating ASRS Systems and Coldrooms

In Singapore, the challenge of cold storage is a dual conundrum, with the combination of high heat and humidity on one front, and the pressing issue of limited land space on the other. There is a solution to kill 2 birds with 1 stone – using tall coldrooms to store your goods.  Elevate efficiency by taking the next step and integrating Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) into your coldrooms. 

Let’s explore what ASRS systems do and how coldroom integration can maximise productivity for your business.

What are ASRS Systems and How Do They Work

ASRS, or Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, are computer-controlled systems designed for the automatic storage and retrieval of materials with speed and precision. Commonly employed in warehouses and distribution centers, these systems optimise space usage and streamline workflow efficiency.

 Vertical stacking of shelves with narrow aisles in between allows computer-controlled lifts or cranes to move swiftly, storing or retrieving items on the shelves. Vehicles, such as carts, transport materials to and from lifts, and some systems incorporate conveyors for automated material movement.

What are the Benefits of ASRS Systems?

Let’s explore how exactly ASRS systems help to improve efficiency in warehouse management and order processing.

Highly Automated System

ASRS systems operate with minimal human intervention, controlled by warehouse management software. The software directs the lifts and vehicles to the correct shelf location by the shortest path possible to maximise efficiency. This helps to improve productivity and reduce labour costs.

Maximize Storage Space

By vertically stacking inventory, ASRS systems increase storage density, maximizing warehouse cube space. This proves beneficial for warehouses aiming to streamline operations and optimize capacity.

Improve Stock Control

ASRS software provides comprehensive visibility and control over inventory, including information on storage locations, expiration dates, and quantities on hand. This facilitates easy stock rotation and adherence to first in, first out (FIFO) methods.

Enhance Accuracy

Forget about misplaced goods or items stored in the wrong locations. ASRS systems use barcode scanners and computers to precisely track and record the locations of all pallets and containers. Your picking accuracy will increase dramatically.

ASRS Systems in Coldroom Inventory Management

ASRS systems play a crucial role in the efficiency of coldroom inventory systems. Here’s why they make sense for cold storage:

Staff Working Conditions

Coldroom temperatures can go down to nail-biting numbers of under -30°C. Even with the help of protective jackets and gloves, staff are placed in extreme temperatures during work. ASRS systems alleviate this by allowing staff to oversee order processing from more comfortable working conditions, prioritising safety and efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Frequent door openings in coldrooms impact refrigeration units’ efficiency. ASRS systems reduce manual access, limiting door openings, and contributing to energy savings. Automated inventory management ensures goods movement tracking without the need to open and close coldroom doors.

Custom Coldrooms for ASRS Systems

For optimal productivity and energy efficiency, both coldrooms and ASRS systems must work in synergy. With over four decades of experience, Kiat Lay specialises in coldroom construction, offering services such as renovation, fire sprinkler installation, floor works, electrical work, and racking installation. Our custom-built coldrooms complement ASRS systems, considering the space needed for conveyors, lifts, and tall shelving. We also adjust coldroom temperatures to accommodate the heat emitted from the automated machinery. Trust us knowing that we have considered every element of coldrooms built for efficiency.

Contact us at (65) 67933313 or enquiry@kiatlay.com.sg to build a custom coldroom that aligns seamlessly with your ASRS systems.