Different Types of Chillers & Cold Rooms Installation in Singapore

Cold rooms are some of the most common types of cold storage solutions available to manufacturers and industry specialists. Depending on various personal and environmental factors, there are several different types of cold rooms available these days. Also, cold rooms are specialized cold storage spaces designed to uphold a certain temperature to ensure the longevity of the material held within. Depending on specific business needs, there are many people specializing in cold room installation in Singapore. However, the best way to understand the installation requirements of certain cold rooms is to first understand their utility and features that set them apart from other models.

Different Types Of Cold & Chiller Rooms in Singapore

Walk-In Type Chiller Room in Singapore

Depending on the space and requirements of a certain business, cold rooms can be designed for both commercial and industrial purposes. Here are some of the different types of cold rooms available for commercial and industrial purposes in Singapore:

  1. Modular Cold Room

    Modular cold rooms are mostly used by food storage facilities. These are extremely versatile and can be set up anywhere. There are also no space and location constraints. Modular cold rooms are made up of individual insulation panels attached together o form a cold room envelope. They are also portable and can be easily disassembled and reassembled when required or transported to another location as well. Due to their extremely versatile nature, most seasonal businesses tend to use these for short periods of time. This helps them save energy and upkeep costs. Moreover, the size of the modular room is adjustable thus making them one of the most favored types of cold rooms by both commercial and industrial businesses.

    Primary features:

    • Temporary and permanent refrigeration solutions
    • Compact and portable
    • Easy maintenance
    • Flexible design features

  2. Combi Cold Rooms

    The most defining feature of a combi cold room is the capacity to house separate internal temperature zones. This means that there are two separate cold storage spaces within one cold room. Often times one of the zones is a chiller zone with a baseline temperature ranging between 2 and 12 degrees celsius. The other zone is often the freezer zone with a baseline temperature of minus 22 degrees celsius. By having two separate temperature zones, cold room installation experts in Singapore are able to provide a warmer transitionary section to contain warm air transfer before opening into the freezer section. This type of cold room is best suited to hold a variety of products that require varying temperature zones.

    Primary Features

    • Varying temperature zones
    • Better control over warm air transfer
    • Can hold a variety of different products

  3. Walk-in Cold Room

    As the name suggests, a walk-in cold room allows users to easily walk into the storage facility. Designed much like a walk-in closet, these cold rooms, offer ample space and storage capacity. However, due to their large access requirements, walk-in cold rooms require users to take additional steps to help uphold a baseline temperature as there is increased transfer of warm air. On the contrary, their massive storage capacity allows users to easily store large items which can otherwise not fit in small cold rooms.

    Primary Features

    • Massive storage capacity
    • Large access requirements
    • Increased transfer of warm air

  4. Industrial Chiller

    An industrial chiller is a type of cold room best suited for holding large and bulky items that require a certain temperature to ensure long shelf life. For instance, most food businesses tend to have industrial chillers as these cold rooms help hold bulky perishable items in large quantities easily. Moreover, they can be built to accommodate vehicle entrances such as forklifts as well to help unload or upload stock inventory effectively. Moreover, these also prove beneficial for ice factories that need to store large qualities of ice produced in a safe and effective manner.

    Primary Features of Chiller Room in Singapore

    • Easily accommodate vehicle size entrances
    • Great for holding large bulky items
    • Require industrial-grade refrigeration systems

  5. Custom-Built Cold Room

    Custom-built cold rooms are mostly preferred by business owners that require a certain set of specialized features installed in the cold room. Since users get ample room to play around with modifications and specification requirements, these cold rooms also tend to be a bit more expensive than their counterparts. Moreover, custom build cold rooms also often require hiring specialists outside the core design team. This may often lead to delays and increased costs. However, perhaps the most exciting feature of these cold rooms is that users get to choose the size and other features according to personal requirements and needs.

    Primary Features

    • Personal preferences and needs accounted for
    • Variable dimensions
    • Chances of delays in completion
    • Increased energy and material costs

  6. Fixed Cold Room

    As the name suggests, a fixed cold room is built outside of the intended space that it will be installed in and then transported to the location as a whole unit. Fixed cold rooms are best suited for buildings that are still in the early construction stages as these will have more open space areas to easily transport the fixed cold room to the desired space for installation. Due to their fixed nature, there is less room for modifications. Moreover, these are often used by businesses that require standard cold room facilities all year round.

    Primary Features

    • Fixed design and dimensions
    • Installation as a single unit
    • Standard cold room specifications
    • Not portable and adaptable


Cold room installation in Singapore is custom planned according to the different requirements of the different types of cold rooms available. The varying features of the different cold rooms may require the core team to hire specialists that have certain expertise in the area. Despite this, installing a cold room takes time as it is done in layers that include multiple checks and balances at every step.