Walk In Freezer and Cold Rooms

Walk in cold rooms are essential for any business that houses perishable goods that require temperature control. This can be achieved with a quality commercial refrigeration unit and a cold room facility.

For this type of setting, walk-in cold rooms have become the go-to refrigeration units since it’s large enough for anyone to walk into. They provide a constant temperature, helping maintain the freshness of food products and perishables kept inside, allowing you to store large amounts of food at a time. They also have shelves for more convenient storage and efficient use of space and they vary in size, depending on the number of goods to be stored in them.

Controlling the temperature inside a walk-in cold room can be done easily with a thermostat. Its small fans produce and distribute cold air all while rejecting the heat through a condensing unit. Walls and doors are also insulated to prevent the cold air from escaping. Lastly,  most modern walk-in cold rooms also offer the latest safety features to prevent any accidents in the workplace.


Benefits of Using Walk In Freezer a Cold Rooms

  • We use efficient cold room panels and refrigeration systems. Maintaining food quality requires consistent room temperature. With the insulation and air-sealed doors of a walk-in cold room, your food is guaranteed to be kept at just the right temperature for longevity and quality purposes.
  • You can choose the size and layout of your walk-in cold room. If you hold a large inventory of food products, you’ll need a larger cooler area with a substantial bit of storage. However, if your inventory is smaller, then you may want to use one that offers just the right amount of storage for your needs. It all depends on your current setting to know the right storage for you.
  • It can improve the organisation. When you have a walk-in cold room with plenty of storage, it can be a game-changer in the way you organise your food inventory. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for as shelving units make everything easily accessible for anyone in your team.
  • They are fully automatic. Never worry about a complicated setup. Simply set your cooler to the desired temperature and voila! You don’t have to do anything else. They are simple to use for anyone and everyone.


Safety features

    • Heavy-duty hinges. These hinges are built to last and are designed to avoid accidents when opening and closing the bulky cold room doors. With strong door hinges, cold room doors would be strong durable and in cases where it can have a lesser occurrence of falling on individuals during operations.
    • Inside-door releases make it impossible for someone to get locked in. While an unpleasant thought, it is quite possible for this to happen. That is why having a release mechanism on the inside of the door is so important. No one wants to spend the night locked in a freezing cooler.
    • Deadbolt locking handles are a great way to prevent the theft of any valuable product such as alcohol or expensive meats. At night, the chef or manager can lock up and rest assured that no product will go missing during the night.

Modern refrigeration mixed with convenience and organisation is what you can expect from a walk-in cold room. They are an excellent choice for any building associated with the food industry and can be extremely beneficial to restaurants, bars, and catering companies.


How to Build a Walk In Freezer and Cold Room

More than likely, you aren’t going to build a cold room yourself. This takes professional work and expert knowledge. That’s why you should rely on the experts.

At Kiat Lay Cold Room Specialists, we know all things about cold rooms and can create and build the perfect walk-in cold room for you and your business. We will work directly with you to ensure that it turns out exactly as you want it.

Our experience and knowledge propel us at the top of our game when it comes to walk-in cold room construction. With us, you can rest assured of high quality and functional cold rooms that are delivered efficiently at a reasonable price. Contact us now!